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This amazing system pulls in regular profits as easily as water gushing from a tap. Below are real-life results that you can check out for yourself.

Dear Fellow Income Seeker,

In this letter I'm inviting you to join me in pulling in cash for yourself as regularly as clockwork, using the simplest system you're ever likely to come across.

Seriously, this takes just minutes to use and rakes in cash most days of the week, month in, month out.

So simple a kid could do this as there's nothing to work out and hardly any time involved. The success rate is incredible, even though its simplicity is amazing. Here's an email I received from a very happy client at the end of last week ... 

 The Simplest Opportunities Are Usually The Best and The Most Profitable

In the world of racing there are hundreds of complicated, long-winded, detail-ridden methods, plans and systems, all trying to find that elusive key that will unlock the vault containing horse-racing riches.

I've tried lots of them and you probably have as well.

Few of them come to much, and those that do are often hard work, limited in reward, and can be costly to run.

Last year I decided I'd had enough of trickster tipsters and murky methods. 

I decided to put my own brain to work to come up with something simple and workable that would relieve Mr Bookmaker of some of his cash, for a change!

First off came 'The Gold Plated Income System' which is making me and quite a few others a very nice risk-free income, thank you very much.

In fact it has pulled in over £900 profit in the last month alone!

However, I continued to search for a method that would be suitable for my clients with little time to spare, as I know that many of you have full-time jobs. 

To cut a long story short, during my research last year I re-discovered one of the earliest racing products that I developed way back in 2004. It was called 'The Consistent Profits System' and some of you may remember it. 

Using some of the methodology behind 'The Consistent Profits System', combined with other valuable lessons and insights that I've learned over the years since then, I have put together what I genuinely believe to be ...

A truly outstanding new system I've called ...

'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life'

And the title of my new system sums up to a 't' what I am offering you today.  This is a real "bookie-buster" and those of you who are fortunate enough and quick enough to secure yourself a copy will literally be laughing all the way to the bank from now on!

'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' is mind-blowingly simple, quick to use and, most importantly, pulling in profits with a:

This is since I began trials on 1st January 2014 ... and there's absolutely no sign of it slowing down at all  - in fact I'm going to share with you some more detailed results in just a moment.

And with the advent of better weather, better track conditions and the start of the flat season, there can only be more and more opportunities with greater and greater profits.

Your Chance To Have Your Very Own Slice Of This Highly Profitable Racing Cake 

When it comes to making money from racing you have every right to be pessimistic, even downright hostile, if you've had your bank balance burned in the past. But I want to make it quite clear, right now, that disappointment won't happen when you make the small investment in 'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life'.

I have my name and experience, plus extensive trial, testing and results behind this system.

There is no reason at all why 'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' will not continue to make substantial profits for me and you, for ever and a day. 

However I know that the available allocation of 'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' will fly out very quickly so I'd advise you to act right now to secure a copy for yourself.

Now, as promised, let me share my system results with you ...

Starting from 1st January 2014, with a very modest £200 bank, if you had staked just 5% of your bank on each selection, that's only £10, and recalculated your stake before each race according to the size of your new bank (which only takes a few seconds) ...

Your initial £200 bank would have grown to a fantastic £1,023.47 by 1st March.

That's £823.47 PROFIT in only two months, starting with just a £10 stake!

But it gets even more exciting ...

If you had started each month with a new £500 bank and using a very modest initial stake of only £25 (just 5% of your bank), and recalculating your stake before each race according to your new bank, here are the profits that you would have pulled in for the first three months of this year, and remember this is if you take out your profits at the end of each month and start again from £500 ...

THAT'S A TOTAL OF £2,034.57 !!

With this profit-generating system in your hands, by the end of 2014 you'll have a Christmas to remember for many a day. You'll have money for all the essentials of life, and some! And the means to make money any time you want in the future.

My Personal Guarantee

I am so excited about the regular cash profits that this system is pulling in that I am happy to personally guarantee that if using a modest staking plan of, say, £10 per qualifying race, you do not win back your investment in 'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' in 60 days or less, simply return your manual to me and I will refund your purchase price with no questions asked.

Why am I prepared to make this guarantee?

Because I have 100% confidence in my new cash-generating system.

A final word regarding the guarantee period of two months (60 days), this is dependent on stakes of at least £10 being used and the available selections being covered.

Smaller staking amounts will take longer to recoup your system investment, but of course you can go at whatever speed and amount suits your personal circumstances.

What Price Regular Cash Profits Week In, Week Out, Month In, Month Out?

Don't be fazed by the very low investment for this opportunity. The price may be modest but the content will be massively profitable for you, as you can see from the profits already generated since the beginning of this year!

'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' is, I believe, the best, low-cost, safest racing income opportunity in the UK today.

It is extremely simple to understand, very quick to use, fully proven and making a great extra income even as I am writing to you.

In order to fully cash in on the profits this system is raking in, you will need to have access to the internet to check the simple selection criteria on one particular website that is free to use. This can be done at any time before racing starts, and only takes a few minutes. 

When the system identifies a potential qualifying selection, you WILL need to be able to do a simple check again on the same website and then place your bet with your chosen bookmaker just a few minutes before the race starts. Whilst you do need internet access, you can use the system with your smartphone or tablet.

This system can of course be used with evening and weekend racing, and on days off and holidays for those whose working hours restrict their availability - there are still good profits to be made very part-time.

If you are serious about extra cash income now and in the future you need to grab this with both hands while it's still available.

I am offering 'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' to those select customers of mine who read this letter and respond within 72 hours.

So what's this worth to you?

Well who wouldn't jump at this?  A simple method that pulls in substantial extra cash for doing next to nothing.
It may not be millionaire money, but it can make life a hell of a lot easier and more fun from now on.

This is a product with never-ending potential, easily and seriously worth ten times the investment asked for. Now you can own a real second-income-earner at a fraction of its real value. In fact, 'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' is too good to be this affordable so please don't miss out!!

It is available right now for the give-away price of only £69.97 (plus £3.50 to cover first-class postage and packing) and there is nothing extra for you to pay me now or in the future.

You will receive a professionally printed and bound glossy manual containing all the details of this simple, step-by-step system.

It comes complete with extensive screenshots so that you know precisely what to do to start pulling in profits with this system as soon as you get your hands on it.

Here's why you are now just one click away from your own mini goldmine ...

A powerful proven system that is very simple to understand.
  It only takes a few minutes each day to use.
  It will pull in profits for you consistently and regularly.

You can have 'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' up and running and making you money in 2 or 3 days max, and I shall strive to get it into your hands within 24 hours.

Limited Availability Of This Brilliantly Simple, Highly Profitable System

Although I really don't want to limit numbers, the world of racing gets the jitters if big things start to happen unexpectedly.

I don't want to rock the bookies' boat, so to speak, so I am releasing an initial allocation of just 100 copies for use around the UK.

Please order as quickly as you can so that you are not disappointed.

£69.97 will be the best money you will invest for many a long day, I promise you that. It's a very modest investment indeed for such a valuable cash-generating system that really is too good to be this affordable.


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I am looking forward to 1st class-mailing you your own personal copy as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: I am asking you to keep details of 'How To Easily Win Yourself An Income For Life' close to your chest and only for your own personal use - for obvious reasons.

Working to help you make money.

Best wishes,


Prime Source Publications

P.S.  Seriously, what can you buy for £69.97 these days?  I bought trousers and shoes recently from M&S - £82.00 in total - nice trousers and nice shoes but they can't make you money!

P.P.S. Anyone can use this system, it's so simple and you don't need any knowledge or background in racing to enable you to soon be making hundreds of pounds a month from the Sport of Kings - like these profits made since the beginning of this year ...

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